Founded in October 2012 in Wethersfield, Connecticut, Clear Water Manufacturing Corporation, is a premier manufacturer and distributor of ductile iron and steel pipe fabrications. Clear Water products are used in the construction of water and sewer processing facilities across the United States. In addition to their location in Connecticut, Clear Water currently operates manufacturing facilities in Lynchburg, Virginia and Houston, Texas. 

Through Clear Water, MPI offers fabricated ductile iron pipe, grooved ductile iron pipe, swivel anchor pipe couplings, ductile iron wall pipes and sleeves, ductile iron filler flanges, flanged and MJ fittings, steel vent fabrications, extension stems, curb keys and more. With a seasoned team of experts with more than 500 years of combined experience, Clear Water’s products set the standard for water and sewer treatment.

The MPI sales team can assist you in the selection, sizing, specification and successful implementation of these products throughout any treatment plant or industrial application.