Founded in 1877, Kennedy Valve Company has grown to be one of the leading global suppliers of valves for water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial applications.

Professionals choose Kennedy’s long-life valves to control flows, isolate systems and precisely manage processes, reliably and effectively, year-after-year. Kennedy offers a broad selection of valves and accessories for the demanding requirements of a modern water treatment plant, including gate valves, rotating disc gate valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, swing check valves, mud valves, hydrostatic pressure relief valves, flap valves and shear gates.

Kennedy valves can be fully automated with your choice of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators that integrate with the most sophisticated control systems. Kennedy Valves are built to meet or outperform respected industry standards. Their legendary performance has earned the loyalty of plant engineers worldwide.

The MPI sales team can assist you in the selection, sizing, specification and successful implementation of control valves throughout any treatment plant or industrial application.

Kennedy Valve