• Size Range:
  • Pipe & Flange Material: 
    Ductile Iron
  • Lining Options: 
    Cement Lining (standard or double thickness), Protecto 401®, others as required
  • Coating Options: 
    Asphaltic Coating, Zinc, Bare
  • Length: 
    18' Nominal
  • Deflection: 
    7° (6"), 5° (8"-12"), 3° (14"-20"), 2° (24") 
  • Pressure Rating: 
  • Pipe Class: 
    Special Thickness Classes Available
  • Applicable Standards: 
    Thickness Design of DIP - ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.50 Ductile Iron Pipe for Water & Other Liquids - ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51 Cement Lining - ANSI/AWWA C104/A21.4 Gasketed Joints - ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11 Testing: Per ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51
  • Testing:
    Per ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51

Features & Benefits

The "original" modern pipe joint, circa 1925; the Mechanical Joint remains in use primarily as a means for connecting fittings, valves, and similar appurtenances to a pipeline. The nuts, bolts, and gland featured in the joint provide a permanent watertight seal to 350 psi and more through a “stuffing box” compression of the gasket into its counterpart triangular recess of the joint.