AWWA Standards

The American Water Works Association first published standard documents at the turn of the last century. There are nearly 200 standards that apply to equipment used at each step of water treatment and supply - from source, to treatment, to distribution.   MPI products are designed to meet or exceed the performance, design and strength standards set by the applicable AWWA standards.   Look for the applicable standard in the performance specifications for each product.

NSF Certifications

State drinking water legislation requires equipment and product in contact with drinking water, from source to tap, to meet health and safety standards, including certification to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61.   Founded in 1944, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), created standards for the sanitation industry. In 1990, NSF changed its name to NSF International to better serve the water and commercial industries.

Currently, when a valve, fitting, or fabricated piece of pipe is NSF certified, it meets or exceeds particular standards enforced by state and federal laws.  If the valve, fittings, or fabricated piece of pipe you want to purchase and use in your application does not carry an NSF-61 certification and the application requires one, you should contact your project engineer before installation. It's all about safety and protecting yourself from possible liability and legal consequences.