Founded in 1912, Waterman today offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of control gates for water treatment, wastewater treatment, headworks and industrial applications; all engineered, manufactured and tested in company-owned, U.S.-based facilities.

Waterman’s primary plant in Exeter, California opened in 1963 and has been completely updated with the latest best-in-class manufacturing equipment, process and quality systems.   Domestic design, fabrication, and testing provides our customers with the highest quality product and faster response times.

Waterman’s team excels at developing customized solutions to specific project requirements partnering with engineers, government agencies, utilities, contractors and plant managers.  Only Waterman can boast the longevity, experience and in-house capabilities to correctly solve your project’s unique challenges.

Waterman’s product offering includes: AWWA-rated, NSF-approved fabricated stainless steel slide gates; AWWA-rated aluminum slide gates; AWWA-rated cast iron slide gates, radial (tainter) gates; fabricated rectangular butterfly valves; automatic level control gates; overshot / tilting weir gates, self-regulating tide gates; stop logs; stop gates; telescoping valves; shear gates and more.   All Waterman solutions are adaptable to manual and automatic actuation.