Features & Benefits

Waterman Portable Power Actuators can be used with almost any type of gate or valve with a multiple turn geared input.

Waterman EM-25 Portable Electric Actuator

The EM-25 features a single phase motor, 110 volt, 60 cycle current and is reversible for easy open-close actuation.  An auto guard clutch prevents over torqueing while operating. A 7.5 foot grounding type cord is furnished with the unit along with a torque handle for ease of operation. The EM-25 is mounted on a tripod.

Waterman GP-6 Gasoline Powered Portable Actuator

Waterman “Universal” Portable Valve Actuator driven by a powerful gasoline engine.  The Universal actuator is designed to rotate input shafts on a variety of valve types including butterfly, gate, plug, ball, sluice and slide, regardless of brand.  By simply rotating the unit 180º, a clockwise or counterclockwise output can be generated, allowing either opening or closing functions.The GP-6 also features horizontal operation.

The Universal GP-6 actuator can include a “64 spline to 3/4 square” coupler for interchanging between the two output shafts. Adapters can be included for use with almost any input, including 2″ square, half round, or a variety of square shaft sizes. The GP-6 actuator is available with an optional all aluminum tripod cart for ease of operation. The unit may also be used with an optional single leg steady-rest or be hand held.

Waterman GMH-12 Portable Gas Engine Driven Hydraulic Actuator

The Waterman GMH-12 is specially designed as a “Universal” type valve and gate actuator. Adaptors are available which enable almost any type gate or valve to be operated with ease. Speeds opening and closing – makes valve exercising a breeze! Easily transported, this high torque, self-contained actuator is both powerful and light weight. Quick coupled for ease of use.