Features & Benefits

Fabricated pipe is made to custom lengths to meet specific project needs. Fabricated pipe can be cement, glass, or Protecto 401 lined to meet all applications. Exterior coatings available include standard Bituminous, Tnemec primers and epoxies, as well as other specialty coatings as required.

Fabricated Ductile Iron Pipe – 3”-54”
Fabricated in accordance with AWWA/ANSI A21.5/C115 latest revision, minimum Class 53 Ductile Iron Pipe with Ductile Flanges. All flanges and pipe ends faced after fabrication.

Grooved Ductile Iron Pipe – 3”-48”
Fabricated in accordance with AWWA/ANSI C606. Rigid or flexible groove as specified.

Swivel Anchor pipe couplings – 3”-30”
Fabricated with ductile iron pipe, MJ glands with welded ductile or steel rings.

Ductile Iron Wall pipes and Sleeves – 3”-48”
Fabricated to industry standards in Flanged, Grooved, Mechanical Joint or Plain End. Flanged or Mechanical can be tapped for studs.

Ductile Iron Filler Flanges
Can be fabricated in straight or beveled typed in ductile iron. 30” and larger may be steel.

Wall Pipe
Fabricated to industry standards. Available joints include Flanged, Grooved, Mechanical Joint, Plain End, Tyton® Bell, TR Flex® Bell, and TR Flex® Plain End. Flanged and MJ can be tapped for studs.

Other Products

Steel Vent Fabrications

Extension Stems

Curb Keys