Features & Benefits

Waterman F-40 Heavy Duty Flap Gates are designed for applications with maximum 40 foot seating heads.

Key Features:

  • Available for square or rectangular openings:  Minimum 24″ x 24″, Maximum 120″ x 120″
  • Cast iron frame and cover
  • Automatic operation
  • Machined seating surfaces for tight closure
  • 2.5 degree seating angle and double pivoted links for positive closure
  • Field-adjustable hinge brackets allow sensitivity adjustment
  • Lifting eye in cover for manual operation for maintenance
  • Standard bronze hinge bushings; stainless steel hinge pins, studs and nuts
  • Flatback frame, mounting bolts sold separately


  • Ni-resist cast iron frame and cover
  • Bronze seats – attached or dovetail type
  • Resilient seat in cover or in frame
  • Monel or brass hinge pins, studs and nuts
  • Stainless steel, ductile iron or manganese bronze links
  • Graphite impregnated bronze bushings
  • Custom coatings including epoxy, coal tar or total galvanizing